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"New York is a highly strategic market for any major international IX provider to enter. It's the largest colocation market in the world, with nearly 5.5 million square feet of gross retail colocation space, and Manhattan claims several of the most densely networked buildings on the planet. As the largest U.S. connectivity hub with nearly 19.6 Tbps of Internet capacity, New York is a focal point for trans-Atlantic traffic and is one of the nation's most critical locations for domestic network interconnection."

Jon Hjembo
Senior Analyst, TeleGeography

"The concept of carrier-neutral interconnection is one we wholeheartedly support. We provide a reliable, neutral and long-term environment for global service providers that require simple and cost-effective interconnect opportunities, a principle that DE-CIX also works every day to support. We welcome DE-CIX to New York, as they are helping develop the robust, scalable Internet exchange environment that promotes the growth of today’s critical digital infrastructure."

Hunter Newby
Joint Venture Partner, 325 Hudson

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Made in the USA.

We are the award-winning, game-changing Internet exchange in New York and New Jersey. Now with 111 access points in major facilities such as Telx, CoreSite and 165 Halsey, we operate more points of access than any other Internet exchange in North America. Since our launch in March 2014, 20+ customers have joined our truly carrier- and data center-neutral Internet exchange and take advantage of our GlobePEER and MetroVLAN service portfolios.

Our Apollon technology platform and GlobePEER service provide the underlying infrastructure of the settlement-free interconnection (public peering) services for all types of providers, including broadband providers, hosters, CDNs and many more. MetroVLAN is used by DE-CIX New York customers for private peering at our 111 access points.

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