Port free of charge for 6 months

Join us now and get your 1GE or 10GE port free of charge for

  • 3 months (minimum contract term of 12 months) or
  • 6 months (minimum contract term of 18 months).

Your benefits:

  • Reduced costs on IP transit
  • Shorter routes to networks in the New York/New Jersey metro
  • Full control over your IP traffic flow
  • Increased Internet performance quality on your network

Request your personal offer here (mailto ed.dagostino@de-cix.net).

Designed in Germany. Made in the USA.

DE-CIX New York is an Open-IX certified, carrier- and data center neutral Internet exchange, available at 100+ access points in all major facilities and carrier hotels in Manhattan and New Jersey. We operate more points of access than any other Internet exchange in North America.

Peering at DE-CIX New York

DE-CIX New York fosters the settlement-free exchange of Internet traffic (peering). DE-CIX is the first choice for all kinds of Internet service providers, including broadband providers, hosters, CDNs and many more. Customers from the US, Canada, Russia, Korea and many other markets already take advantage of our services. Check out our fast-growing list of customers for more details on interconnecting with global carriers.

Unrivalled reach

DE-CIX is the leading global Internet exchange operator. We serve 700+ customers from over 60 countries at our exchanges in Frankfurt, Hamburg, Munich, Dubai and New York.

Better peering – lower costs

Contact us to find out how we can help you make your customers happy. Better quality peering makes your customers happy and helps you save money at the same time.